I’ve always loved reading. I remember walking down the halls of my elementary school with my nose in a book and only partly concentrating on the person in front of me or where my feet were landing. As I progressed into higher grades, teachers started assigning writing prompts. Something about the orchestration of simple letters into a word, sentence, paragraph, page, or book made me feel like I found my calling — what I could excel at. And after trying my hand at sports, music, dance, art, and every other field my mother could find a camp for me in, I rejoiced at the revelation. Writing has been an outlet for me since then and I even enjoyed writing lengthy essays other students grumbled about. My main goal in life is to be a published author and to help children find their voices and passion for literature. I had the honor of having one of my plays selected for SPARC’s New Voices for the Theater Residency Program in 2015 (http://www.sparconline.org/newvoices/) but that is the only honor I’ve received so far.

     This semester, my goals are to strengthen the non-fiction aspects of my writing. I have all of the ideas and means to create fiction but I’d like to focus on more concise and informative writing versus entertainment. I think this would help me become a better writer in general and leave me with skills that I can apply to other genres. Some of my former teachers have labeled me a “fluffer,” meaning that I include unneeded bits in my writing just for the sake of adding more. I also have tried to use a more complex vocabulary to make myself sound more intelligent but it can often backfire. This semester, I want to strengthen the structure and flow of my compositions, from including quotations and exerts to organizing a professional-grade argument.

I’ve never heard the words together before but context clues lead me to believe that digital, aural, and visual composing has to do with how one utilizes and crafts these mediums to fit their message and theme. Somewhat like an essay that, instead of being on paper, is transplanted into a video, speech, presentation, or image.


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